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The Bells of Trumpington Parish Church

Trumpington Parish Church in the snow
Trumpington Parish Church in the snow (Photo by Stephen Burr)
    The Parish Church for the village of Trumpington, near Cambridge in the Diocese of Ely, is dedicated to Saints Mary and Michael. Here's a map to find it. OS Map Reference TL 443549. Note there is a one way road system from Maris Lane to Grantchester Road.

The bells are rung on Sundays for the morning service and Evensong (see times below), on Wednesday evenings for practice, and for weddings and other special occasions/services. There is sometimes a peal, quarter peal, training event or ringing by visitors at weekends.

Its tower houses a glorious ring of 8 bells cast by John Taylor & Co (Loughborough) in 1957. The heaviest (tenor) bell weighs just over half a ton (10-2-22 cwt, 543 kg) tuned to the note G. Here are the detailed Weights, Notes and Inscriptions of the Bells.

The bells were recast and rehung with new fittings in an extended frame with two additional trebles to form an octave in 1957. The 50th anniversary of the bells was celebrated in 2007 with some special ringing.

There are actually 9 bells hung in the tower - the late medieval 5th bell of the old six, cast at Bury St Edmunds circa 1450, is hung for tolling as a Sanctus Bell above the others.

The original 5 bells in the tower were augmented to 6 in 1928, with the addition of a new treble, all hung in a new oak frame. The organ loft, made from the old frame, was dedicated by the Archdeacon of Ely in 1929.

  Ringing Times

Sunday Service ringing is from 9:30 to 10:00 a.m for Morning Service, and from 6:00 to 6:30 p.m for Evensong.
On Sunday evenings there may sometimes also be a quarter peal attempt at 5:00 p.m, prior to ringing for Evensong.

Practice Night is Wednesday from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. Visitors welcome! Early teaching sessions start at 7:00 p.m.

Weddings and visiting bands by arrangement with the Vicar (Andy Chrich) and Secretary.

  Society Officers

Tower Captain : Stephen Burr

Secretary : Greg Pearce, Tel: 07799-036330

Treasurer : Jenny Goodwin

Steeple Keeper : Mark Norris

Kitty Willers

Kitty Willers was a remarkable woman. She began ringing at Trumpington in 1918, and served as Tower Captain for 56 years until 1976. In 1924 she became the first lady to conduct a peal for the Ely DA. She was instrumental in getting Trumpington bells augmented to an octave in 1957, and donated two treble bells to help achieve this. She taught numerous people to ring, and many ringers still remember her, her endeavours and her interesting character. We have collected some people's reminiscences and lots of photos together at Kitty Willers - An Appreciation, By the Bellringers and Friends of Trumpington Parish Church.

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Trumpington Bells
Trumpington Bells

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Trumpington wins District Striking Competition

The Trumpington team have retained the Ludbrook Plate at this year's District Striking Competition at Linton on Saturday 10th June. Eleven teams took part, including two teams from the new Sawston band. Judge Lesley Boyle had the unenviable task of concentrating for two and a half hours, as the teams got to grips with the challenge of Linton's bells. Meanwhile it was lovely to sit in the sun in the churchyard, listening and chatting.

Trumpington won with the fewest faults in their test piece of 120 changes of Plain Bob Doubles. The competition trophy - the Ludbrook Plate - has special significance as it was donated by the Trumpington Ringers in memory of Ivan Ludbrook, a former Tower Captain at Trumpington.

The winning band

The trophy being presented by Lesley Boyle

Date Touch of 2017 changes to welcome the New Year

This year Trumpington were again able to ring not just one, but two Date Touches of 2017 changes to welcome the New Year, first a Date Touch of Superlative on 1st Jan 2017, followed by a Date Touch of Spliced Triples and Major on 2nd Jan 2017.

Date Touch band #1

Date Touch band #2


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